Stargate SG-1  &  Stargate Atlantis

Summary:  Deserts bring you home.  (Ronon/Sheppard)
Music:  "Red Moon" by Turin Brakes
Spoilers: up to SGA 4x19 "The Kindred (Part 2)"
Length:  4:21
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March 2008


Summary:  I'm going through your things. (Jonas/Daniel)
Music:  "Amsterdam" by Guster
Length:  1:11
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Notes:  Made for the Kawoosh Mini-Vid Challenge
January 2007

My Ain True Love

Summary:  And those who hunt thee down will fail.  (Sha're/Daniel)
Music:  "You Will Be My Ain True Love" by Alison Krauss & Sting
Length:  2:33
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WMV (9 MB)

August 2004

The Beautiful People

Summary:  The weak ones are there to justify the strong. The first encounter with The Wraith.
Music:  "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson
Spoilers:  This only uses the SGA pilot episode "Rising"

Length:  3:46
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August 2004

It's A War In There

Summary:  Daniel Jackson. If you wanna make peace, well, you gotta find the pain.
Music:  "It's A War In There" by Dar Williams
Length:  3:03
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May 2003

Full Circle (Path)

Summary:  The season 6 finale, "Full Circle"
Music:  "Path" by Apocalyptica
Length:  3:38 & 3:15
Notes:  There are 2 different versions of this video.
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WMV (9 MB) - version 1, with epilogue
WMV (8 MB) - version 2, without epilogue

April 2003